MB Jallow Health Informatics
What is Health Informatics

Health informatics is a science and engineering discipline that aims at developing methods and technologies to acquire, process, and study data from patients, which can come from various sources and modalities, including electronic health records and diagnostic test results. It is used to organize and analyze health records to improve patient outcomes.

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MB Jallow Data Analytics
How to build a compelling data analytic portfolio?

A data analyst portfolio is an essential piece in a data analyst career. It highlights skills, knowledge and experience that can help land your first job or promotion within the analytics industry.

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MB Jallow Data Engineering
Data Engineering Vs. Software Engineering

A critical difference between data engineering and software engineering is this: while data engineers manage the data infrastructure, software engineers are responsible for building software. In a way, both careers are similar. Each requires specific skill sets, such as knowledge of programming languages or a background in computer science; however, the roles and responsibilities are quite different.

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